Bonuses upon depositing

For those who want to top up their Master Account balance now, we have prepared pleasant bonuses that depend on the top-up amount.
During the OBT period, there is an increased coefficient, which will be lowered on the server launch day.
Aside from the bonuses, it is important to remember that there will be a peak load on the server launch day, and delays in crediting funds may occur.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no more favorable conditions from payment systems for Ukrainian bank cards, and this is a global problem. We realize that this is inconvenient for our customers, so we cover some of the fees ourselves.
However, if you have the opportunity to top up your balance via USDT or BTC, we strongly recommend using these options.
You can use the Capitalist payment system, which allows you to top up your balance via USDT or BTC without commission.
We carefully monitor the situation in the market, and as soon as more favorable payment gateways appear, we will definitely connect them and inform our customers about it.
We hope that the inconveniences that may arise due to this situation are temporary, and we count on your understanding.

Bonus amounts based on deposit amount
Amount in dollars
From To Bonus
50 149 20%
150 349 25%
350 649 30%
650 1349 35%
1350 2749 40%
2750 3999 45%
4000 6999 50%
7000 15000 65%