Fierce Hunt: Battle for Leadership

Are you ready to enter into a fierce battle for the main prize of $3,000 for Linessen X5 server?

May 24 at 20.00 Moscow time (GMT +3)

locations will be filled with terrible monsters, warriors will draw their swords and engage in mortal combat to determine which of them is worthy to be among the number 20 best server players.

Each participant in our project has the opportunity to compete for a large cash prize and demonstrate their unshakable will!

From May 24 and for 30 days, you can fight for a place in the top 20 best players according to the overall rating and receive a decent reward:

Reward table
Rating Reward
1 Place  $700
2nd Place  500$
3rd Place  $350
4th Place  200$
5 Place  125$
6-10 Place  100$
11-15 Place  75$
16-20 Place  50$

The time of bright victories and serious competition has come. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable summer with Linessen X5!